Sunday Mornings at 10:30 a.m.

Sunday Morning Worship Gathering (Weekly)

  • We gather for worship every Sunday at 10:30am, and worship in a variety of ways.  On any given week we may pray together, greet (and hug!) one another,  read Scripture, sing (both corporately and in choral numbers), learn of ways to get involved in our community and beyond, hear a message, discuss the message with those around you, and share communion together.
  • We believe that faith and relationships (with God and each other) are nurtured best when we are most comfortable.  Therefore, we are a very casual group, in worship and dress, and welcome you to come as you feel comfortable.
  • We encourage children to worship with us as part of our community.  If you like, there are tables and chairs at the back of the auditorium and activities for the kids to do while you listen and participate.

Though we are not rigid in our worship, we often follow a general outline with some variations weekly.  We also find great meaning in weekly communion, as we reenact the openness of Jesus in his meals.  Most often, we have three main segments:

We Gather Together

Welcome and Announcements
Greet One Another
Opening Responsive Prayer
Singing and/or Choral Piece
Communal Prayer

Listening and Responding to the Still Speaking God

Prayers of the Community
Centering Song
Scripture Reading

Celebration of the Table

Prayer of Thanksgiving
Circle of Blessing
(We usually end each gathering with a Circle of Blessing, where we all gather around the building, hold hands, and share a word of blessing.  If you are not comfortable saying anything, just squeeze the hand next to you and the blessing will continue.)